How to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2016 on Campus

In about two weeks or so, many Americans will be celebrating what is probably the biggest holiday in America.  Probably bigger than Christmas, Thanksgiving is the only time in the year many Americans ever get to see and reunite with their families.  But if you unfortunately can't make it home to join your family during the holiday, you can still enjoy the holiday in your college campus.

Below are five ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving on campus:

1. College dinning hall Thanksgiving dinner

Although it might not be as delicious as your mama makes them, but many college dinning halls and cafeterias offer Thanksgiving dinner staple during the holiday to students who did not travel.

2. Visit a local restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner

While many restaurants tend to close their doors on the Thanksgiving day, a lot of restaurant especially those located in millennia towns are beginning to realize that many young people just don't want or have time to go through the labor intensive job of preparing a Thanksgiving meal.  So, many restaurants are beginning to embrace the holiday by offering their own version of Thanksgiving dinner to patrons.  Search to find local restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Feed the homeless (volunteer)

While it is estimated that Americans consume a total of about 46 million to 50 million turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday, unfortunately, not everyone is very fortunate to partake in the festivities. So why not give back to your college community and volunteer your time during the holiday to feed the homeless and less fortunate. Many churches and organizations offer turkey drive or free Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless or less fortunate on Thanksgiving day.

4.  Travel to Las Vegas

Unlike other major American holidays, Thanksgiving is probably the only major holiday when Vegas hotel precises are cheapest.  So gather up a group of friends and hit the road or fly to Las Vegas to enjoy the four day holiday weekend, and who knows, you and your friends might return to the campus millionaires.

5. Travel home with a friend.

If you cannot travel home to celebrate the holiday with your family for some reason, ask a good friend (boy or girl friend) to invite you over and travel home with them. This may even give you an opportunity to meet your friend's family and bond over family dinner.



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