7 Brilliant ideas to Decorate Your Dorm Room for Christmas

Nothing beats the spirit of Christmas. We know how dull the holidays can be when you’re away from home, family and friends. The fall semes...

Nothing beats the spirit of Christmas. We know how dull the holidays can be when you’re away from home, family and friends. The fall semester is almost over and your dorm room is screaming for some Christmas decorations. When you decide to decorate your dorm room, you are limited in space and tight on budget. However, you can ask your roommates if they celebrate the same holidays and you can all share!

You cannot be a true sucker for the holidays without bringing it to your dorm room!

Here are some brilliant (inexpensive) ideas!

Get a Christmas tree, how obvious! 

What is Christmas without a tree? Whether you get a real or a fake one, it does not matter; what matters is how much spirit you put in it and how much you care to decorate it. Christmas trees can be a bit expensive, but no worries; you can do it yourself with some cardboard and glue.

Christmas lights, lots of them!

Nothing screams out Christmas like multicolored lights, preferably red and green. You can wrap them around your bed or scatter them all over the Christmas tree. What you can also do is that, you can get an empty bottle (not plastic) dry it thoroughly and fill it with strands of light, it turns out beautiful.

Wrapping paper

Wallpaper is quite expensive, but adding Christmas to your dorm room walls is a great way to welcome the holidays. Wrapping paper is a cheap replacement. Choose your favorite patterned paper and wrap your door as a present with a ribbon on top for a festive touch.

Color Scheme

Christmas does not feel like Christmas if it’s not red and green. However, you can get a bit unconventional with neon colors or different shades of red and green. Even some girls started decorating in pink and green for a twist on Christmas traditions.

A Christmas scented room

Decorating with candles is an elegant touch; which not only add style, but good smell as well. Spread Christmas in the air with scented candles, try scents like pine, cinnamon or sugar cookies. You can also build a festive simmer pot. If you invited your friends over, you can fill a sauce pan with some water and apple slices and a couple of cinnamon sticks, and as the mixture heats it, will fill your place with Christmas delight.

Rock around the Christmas tree

Blast it up with some Christmas music. Ask your friends what kind of songs exactly they like to hear during that time of the year, and let it play on low to medium volume all day long. It does not have to be Christmas related songs, choose your favorites.


If you are running short on money, you can make them yourself! Buy empty jars, distilled water, some glitters and a glue gun. These are the tools needed to make a DIY snow globe for your friends. You can wrap them in little boxes along with some chocolates.

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