5 Fall Fashion Trends for College Students

Congrats, you've made it halfway into this semester! The temperatures are starting to drop, but resist the urge to wear only sweatpa...

Congrats, you've made it halfway into this semester! The temperatures are starting to drop, but resist the urge to wear only sweatpants! I know you're thinking, "who has time to get dressed up for class?" Well, now you don't have to completely out rule looking fabulous, just for comfort. Nor do you have to spend a ton of money to do so; a lot of these you may have in your closet right now! Here are 5 easy fashion trends to try this fall that are suitable for those long lectures.


Not just your typical prep school plaid. Tartan, checks, and plaid completely took over fall fashion, and was even included in the Adam Lippes for Target collection. They come in many variations! Artsy scribble checks, bold colors, blurred, graphic and sharp lines, small or oversized. What's your plaid style?

(Top Left, Clockwise): Khaki Vintage Plaid Midi Skirt, $24; Tartan Plaid Peter Pan Collar Mini Dress, $28; Colorant Match Plaid Sweater Coat, $12; Elastic Waist Drawstring Plaid Navy Pant, $11; Fringed Plaid Shawl Poncho, $23; Checked Scarf, $13

The 70s 

The 1970s is probably one of my favorite fashion decades. It has always had an influence on recent fashion, but even more so today. From boho to disco, anyone can pull off this style. I'm just happy to see a wider leg style coming back to the scene and giving the skinny jeans a break.

(Top Left, Clockwise): Flare High Waist Jeans, $35; Patterned Dress, $25; Patterned Long Dress, $20; Come Alive Hat, $27; Lace Cardigan w/ Fringe, $9; Solid Black Faux Fur Long Vest, $23

Crop Tops 

This trend has dominated over the past couple of years, and I don't really see it going anywhere. Just because the weather is getting cooler, does not mean we have to pack them away with our summer clothes. NO WAY! Layer them, find longer cropped hems, or wear high waist bottoms. Plus there are tons of sweater crop styles to keep you warm all season. I love to layer over button-up shirts, especially patterned ones.

(Top Left, Clockwise): Round Neck Crop Loose Pink Sweatshirt, $14; Stripe loose crop sweater, $26; Turtleneck Zipper Crop Sweater, $25; Ellie Crop FIisherman Jumper, $20; Round Neck Striped Crop Knit Sweater, $21; Nicole Turtle Neck Crop Jumper, $26

Fall/Winter Florals 
Along with crop tops, this is another trend that you don't have to store away. Just find more fall friendly florals. This means florals that have a darker palette, or a deeper and bolder color palette. I usually tend to lean towards florals with a black background, or rich jewel toned florals.

(Top Left, Clockwise): Patterned Scarf, $10; Patterned Jumpsuit, $35; Jersey Top, $10; Patterned Jersey Pants, $18; Patterned Sweatshirt, $25; Winter Floral Print Tunic, $15

Head to Toe Gray 

Gray was a very popular color seen on the runway, but not just a pop of the color, every garment on the runway was gray. I think it's a more refreshed look as to wearing head to toe black. You can style it in a single shade of gray, or a monochromatic scheme of gray shades. And feel free to throw in different textures too!

(Top Left, Clockwise): Drape Front Pockets Coat, $21; V-neck Dress, $18; Side Split Cable Knit Jumper, $15; Sweatpants, $20; Hooded Tie-waist Casual Coat, $30; Zipper Flare Grey Skirt, $15; Knit Sweater, $20

Which fall trend is your favorite? What are some other trends you'd like to try this season? Sound off in the comments below! :)


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