Easy Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Storage Space in Your Dorm

As many first time students have recently learned, dorm life is probably a lot different than bedroom life back home. Even in the share...

As many first time students have recently learned, dorm life is probably a lot different than bedroom life back home. Even in the shared space of sibling living, the dorm experience is something totally different.
As a student you need to find some easy, inexpensive ways to make your dorm storage a reality. Thinking outside the box with your furniture is an easy, cost effective way to get more out of the little space you have available.

Build Up Desk: One thing that's true about dorm life typically is that you will have a dedicated desk that's yours to use. There are these units which can apply to most standard desk dorms where you are able to build up and include more storage. Adding more storage to your desk is not only a smart idea but it's a dedicated area that it your territory, so it won't be impinged upon.

Multi-Purpose Bunk Beds: Perhaps it may not supply storage space, but opting for stackable bunk beds where your sleeping area is the top bunk and you have your desk area below will allow you to free up more living space within your dorm room. Many universities have adopted this method, and it’s no wonder. It may be a climb to the top bunk to get some rest, but these bunk beds have notches that will allow you to bring the bed lower if you ever prefer.

Behind the Bed: Another great area for you to build in some storage is literally behind your bed. This will depend a lot on what type of bed it is that you have but building in storage in back of, underneath and on top of your bed is a really smart idea for those who can do so. This is a great spot for athletic gear, seasonal clothing or other bigger items which don't really have a place to speak of. Your bed is probably the largest thing in your dorm so using all the space around it is a smart idea.

Climb the Wall: One more great idea for adding in dorm storage space is quite literally to climb the wall. If you can build in storage bins above your bed, your desk, or just in some negative wall space like this, you can add in so much value for your dorm space. Of course you don't want to put valuables or anything else that's irreplaceable on display in the dorm room wall but if you have things like your book bag, pens and pencils, charging items, clocks, or even food stuffs if you do any type of cooking in your room, those are all good items to put out in these wall displays.

Dorm living can be tough especially because of the lack of space which is evident. However if you remember some of these dorm storage ideas you can really add depth and an element of panache to your dorm room experience. Your dorm storage ideas are something that maybe others can emulate and follow!


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