Ways to Enjoy Spring Break While Stuck in Your Dorm

Spring break for college students means a vacation getaway and a week of sun, sand, and seawater. But not all college students can afford a grand vacation during spring break. There's the reality of being stuck in your dorm room with nowhere else to go. Sounds boring right? But hey, you can still enjoy spring break even if you're not going anywhere. Here are ways to get productive and enjoy spring break while staying at your dorm:

1. Read that book you've never had the time for

Or finish an unfinished novel. There's no better time to do this than now, when you have a week or so to unwind from school work and be free to do the things you want. For all you bookworms out there, when you've got nowhere to go this spring break, better read instead. It's not only relaxing, it also feeds your mind with insights and knowledge. If you find yourself alone in your dorm room this spring break, you can have all the room to yourself and curl up with a novel. Wanting to watch "The Fault In Our Stars" or any book-turned-movie? Better read the book first before you hit the movie theaters later on.

2. Take a stroll around your campus or university town

If you're the type who doesn't go around much in school, you can start a new habit this spring break. Being stuck in your dorm in this time of the year doesn't mean your spring break has to be boring. Get to know the places within your campus walls by exploring the different places in your university, such as an undiscovered library or an out-of-the-way path. If your college is located in a university town, feel free to roam around and find places you've never heard about until now. Who knows, you can find a nice coffee shop to hang out in or a store selling nice thrift clothes. Maybe you can meet a new friend (or love interest!) along the way. See? Spring break not spent in the beach means it has to be boring.

3. Upgrade your cooking skills

If you want to stretch your dorm meals that involves more than cafeteria food and instant ramen, learn a new dish or two while stuck in your dorm during your spring break. Learn the cooking basics such as frying and boiling, and make use of whatever ingredients you can get your hands on to create a simple but delicious meal. Learning to cook means you don't have to go hungry in your dorm. Who knows, you can use your new-found culinary skills to cook some sumptuous dishes for your roommate and even your dorm mates. This might lead to a potluck dinner or a cookfest.

4. Have a TV series/movie marathon

Pretty sure, you're not the only person stuck within the confines of your dorm this spring break. Gather all your other dorm mates and host a TV series/movie marathon. Make some popcorn and sit in front of a TV screen without guilt. Do it now before you get back to your life filled with papers and deadlines.

5. Fix your belongings

If you realized that your desk or closet is a mess, start doing your dorm spring cleaning when you still have the time for it this spring break. Clean out the desk clutter, throw papers you don't really have a use for, arrange your closet and drawers. The best part of cleaning is you not only get your things put-together, but you also might chance upon some missing item or object that you've been looking for.
Clean surroundings mean lesser headaches.

"Boring" is just a state of mind. You can enjoy your spring break even if you can't go somewhere else.

About the author: Eliza Sullin is a college student studying Psychology. She likes to find ways to enjoy her college days even while stuck in her dorm during spring break. She also writes freelance for bestessays.com.au and likes to read a lot.


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