Things To Do During The Summer to Keep You Busy

Summer break is just around the corner and while it may be a time for many college students to unwind and enjoy sunny days at the beach, it could easily become a boring summer after spending few days doing nothing, especially if you are not one of the lucky ones who have secured an internship. Here are some suggestions on things to do during the summer break to keep you busy.

1. Get a job:
You might not have gotten that lucrative internship offer from that hot start-up or Fortune 500 company you were hoping for, but don't be discouraged, local businesses love to hire college students during the summer break. Look for job around your campus or close to home. Ask family and friends if they know of any internship opportunities. It will help you to earn extra cash to buy the stuff you need during the school year. Getting a job during the summer will also keep you out of the house and busy. Most importantly, it will help you to build your resume and get you on your way to a full-time job offer after graduation.

2. Volunteer:
Just like a regular paying job, volunteering could just as well make a huge difference on your resume. Non-profit organizations, city governments, local businesses, and even college departments are always in need of volunteers. You could volunteer at your college library or for those considering pursuing a medical degree after college, you could volunteer at your campus health center since they are usually open during the summer. Though you might not receive a stipend volunteering, but a volunteer experience could become extremely invaluable when you are applying for scholarships or graduate school.
3. Travel:
Whit no classes and no job, what a perfect time to pack up and travel the world. Summer break is a perfect time to not only experience another culture, but a perfect time to finally put those foreign language skills you have been acquiring all year round. Nowadays, with services such as Airbnb, you could easily find where to stay for cheap. Just make sure to review the State Department's warning alerts before you purchase your flight ticket.    

4. Start a business:
Were you one of those that sold girls scout cookies or lemonade as a kid? Just because you are now a college student doesn't mean you can't revive those entrepreneurship mindset. With unemployment at an all time high for recent college graduates, summer break could just be a perfect time to launch that business idea you have been dreaming about. Who knows, you could become the employer by the time you graduate.

5. Take a class:
If you’re thinking you just got out of school and don’t want to go back in just yet, consider this. Taking a class in areas that is not connected with your major could be a fun experience. Try a drawing class or jewelry making or a dance class. Community Colleges offer elective classes during the summer that are both fun and cheap. You can also take online classes for free from top universities on and

6. Learn a new skill:
Summer is a great time to acquire new skills. You could learn how to code websites or develop a mobile application. Many websites such as Code Academy, New Boston, etc. offer free coding lessons. Learning to code will not only allow you to discover hidden skills, but could tremendously boost your chances of getting a job after graduation. You can also pickup on other nontechnical skills such as painting or playing music instrument. 

7. Stay Active:
Do you love the outdoors? Summer break is a great time to organize a group of friends and go on a backpacking trip or hiking.

8. Attend live events:
Even though you can't make it to Brazil for the FIFA world cup, there are still countless of events ranging from professional talks to concerts you could attend. Eventbrite and other event listing websites have countless of events going on around the country.

9. Read a book:
Do you have lists of books you have ever wanted to read? Take a break from soaking on the sun and go to a city library and pickup some books to read. Both Amazon and NY Times have lists of best seller books to keep you busy over the summer.

10. Start writing:
Have you ever wanted to write a book or short poems, or better yet start you own blog? During the summer break could be a great time for you to get started with writing. Grow your writing portfolios by submitting articles to other websites and blogs.



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