7 Ways to Make Your University Dorm Livelier

Now that you're in college, your second home is your dorm. You will spend four years or so in your new home – dorm. As your new home in university, you may want to give a personal touch to your dorm. You don't want a boring dorm that won't inspire you to study more. Decorating your dorm will be easy since you know what you want but of course, you should ask your roommate for his or her opinion as well. You and your roommate will work together in order to customize your dorm according to your lifestyle and school needs.

Below are some suggestions on what to do to make your dorm look great:

Set rules: before you start your dorm make-over, make sure that you know the rules and regulations regarding this. There are dorm owners who are strict when it comes to decorating dorm rooms.

Make mutual decision: discuss your plans with your roommate(s). First thing off, decide how much you are going to spend on dorm decoration. You both should decide on what colors to pick and any added things for your studying. Both of you should know the likes and dislikes of each other so you will know the things to put up on your dorm.

Decide on decorations: since both of you will spend a budget on this activity, you must choose the decoration that will fit your budget. You are both attending school, so it's recommended that you choose wisely the decorations and budget-friendly too. You can look up to internet for thrift decoration stores that will definitely fit your budget.

Move furniture around: aside from decorations, you can also start to re-arrange your tiny furniture around. Just to see whether it will be more comfortable than before and you still have enough space to move around. Arrange your things according to functionality.

Get storage: storage can help you to organize your things especially the small ones. It can help you to keep your belongings safe and tidy. You can put label on them to know what's inside and to avoid confusion. Pick a storage that is sturdy enough for your needs. Also, designate a storage for your important documents like IDs, birth certificate and school papers.

Set a safe place: designate a small but safe place for your important belongings like mobile phones, laptop, and other gadgets you use for academic works. Be vigilant when it comes to your safety.

Lively wall: just put a poster of your favorite band, singer or movie. Or you can post a quotation photo of your favorite novelists or writers to inspire you. Tape them on your wall to make it a little livelier. You can also put a curtain with the use or stick to the wall hooks.

Now, you're ready to decorate your university dorm!

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