2014 Etsy Dorm Looks

Want that new dorm look that will give you a new perspective on things and open up your space to new and creative possibilities? Check out these 5 essential dorm looks for 2014 that will look great with the current fashion trends and turn your dorm room into the newest and coolest hangout spot! Here are some great finds from Etsy’s handmade community that will help your dorm room stand out.

Embroidery Hoop Art: http://etsy.me/1eVMEL5
Pencil Holder: http://etsy.me/1dzZi5v
2014 Calendar: http://etsy.me/K8dq9B
Geometric Throw Pillow: http://etsy.me/1hwkc4H
Geometric Glass Terrarium: http://etsy.me/1aVLyQ8
Chevron Wall Vinyl Decal (available in any color!): http://etsy.me/1atuLAs

LP Record Storage Rack: http://etsy.me/1dl5QlQ
Geometric Throw Pillow: http://etsy.me/1dl6Fv1
Treat Yo Self-Parks and Recreation Poster: http://etsy.me/1fDtqyA
Distressed Metal Organizing Tins: http://etsy.me/1fDui68
Modern Desk Lamp: http://etsy.me/1eFU98y Modern Throw Pillow: http://etsy.me/LmuaLh

Instant Vintage Book Collection in Red: http://etsy.me/1fFEmM0
1970s Vintage Alarm Clock: http://etsy.me/1eX96mW
1950’s Vintage Imperial Mark XII Camera: http://etsy.me/1awgyWE
Vintage Inspired Marquee “&” Light: http://etsy.me/1awdtFZ
Vintage Red Mugs: http://etsy.me/1eH0d0y
Vintage Domino Set: http://etsy.me/1adbAjU

Vintage Traffic Light: http://etsy.me/1b8g066
Vintage Peter Max Rock n Roll Family Line Poster: http://etsy.me/1b8g066
Vintage Coca Cola Sign: http://etsy.me/1kGXV96
Vintage Atari 2600 Space Invaders Cartridge: http://etsy.me/1dY9yPS
Vintage Boom Box: http://etsy.me/LqzTQ2 Vintage Atomic Orange Book Rack: http://etsy.me/1eR0Zua

Comic Pop Art “Super Embrace” Print: http://etsy.me/19zY74R
Warhol Inspired Pillow Case: http://etsy.me/1cBoNgw
Pop Art Wall Clock: http://etsy.me/1aw2Lfu
Warhol “Knives” Custom Pop Art Lamp: http://etsy.me/1deT7Og
Pop Art Comic Wall Letter: http://etsy.me/1cBrONT Pop Art Lighter: http://etsy.me/1mheWFc

Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions and ideas on how to make your dorm room stand out. Look through Etsy’s Home Décor, Art, and Vintage categories to find similar items to the ones above, and don’t forget to bookmark your great finds! Happy dorm-room-making!!

This post was written by Kiana G. Kiana is an Etsy shop owner, artist, and blogger at Tesorilove.

This post was written by a guest contributor. If you'd like to guest post for Better Dorms check out our Write for us page.


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