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As you get acclimated to your college roommate, try as much as possible to develop a lasting relationship with your dorm buddy because y...

As you get acclimated to your college roommate, try as much as possible to develop a lasting relationship with your dorm buddy because you just never know who your college roommate will become. With a lot of start-ups popping out from several colleges, you and your dorm buddy could be the next hit. For now, check out this famous celebrities who were college dorm roommates. 

President Bill Clinton and Strobe Talbott (former deputy Secretary of State and journalist for Time) were dorm roommates at Oxford University when Clinton was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford.

While a freshman at Harvard University, Vice President Al Gore roomed across the hall from movie star Tommy Lee Jones who is know for his role as Agent-K in the Men in Black Trilogy.

Funny man Conan O' Brien also shared a dorm room with Luis A. Ubiñas, Pesident of the Ford Foundation while at Harvard University.

It turns out Conan was not into crazy college life as his former roommate told the NY Times: "He's incredibly smart and funny and, at least in college, he was exceptionally clean living. I don't think Conan drank at all in college, and there was never a hint of any drugs."

While on his several hitchhiking adventures across college campuses, rock musician Peter Wolf roomed with film director David Lynch at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. Though neither of them graduated, they share interesting story on how they were able to cohabit in the same dorm room. Peter was considered to be more sloppy while David preferred things to be clean and orderly.

As it turns out, Bill wasn't the only Clinton that had a famous college roommate. Former First Lady and Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton also shared a dorm room with Janet Hill, a renowned attorney and mother of NBA star Grant Hill.

Well we thought Owen Wilson only crashed weddings. As it turns out, he crashed in the same dorm room with acclaimed director Wes Anderson as an undergrad at the University of Texas, Austin. The duo co-wrote the 1993 indie short film "Bottle Rocket" starring Luke Wilson, Owen's brother.

Who knew Superman shared a room with Mrs. Doubtfire. Funny man Robin Williams and late Christopher Reeve shared dorm room at Julliard School of Drama in New York City. The duo developed long lasting relationship even after graduation and after Reeve and his wife passed away, William vowed to take care of their orphaned son.

Actress Sherry Stringfield and Parker Posey roomed together at Suny Purchase college in Purchase, New York. Though only Stringfield graduated. Parker dropped out to take a role on the movie "As the World Turns"

Apparently NFL has a lot in common with NBA than we thought. As it turns out, former NLF Colts' head coach Tony Dungy who played basketball in school shared dorm room with NBA's Washington Wizards head coach Flip Saunders at the University of Minnesota. Even Dungy never thought Saunders would be a head coach.

Apparently coaches weren't the only sports figures to room together. NFL stars Reggie Wayne and Ed Reed were also college roommates at the University of Miami.

Luke Beatty founder of Associated Content and Tim Armstrong chairman of AOL shared dorm room when they were college students at Connecticut College.

The two even continued to live together in the same apartment after graduation iartn Charlestown, Mass. Luke took a job as a schoolteacher and lacrosse coach before ultimately quitting to found Associated Content which was later sold to Yahoo (an AOL competitor).

Apparently Sherry Stringfield and Parker Posey an't the only famous Suny Purchase alumni in Hollywood.

Movie stars Stanley Tucci who recently played the role of Caesar Flickerman in the hit movie, The Hunger Games apparently shared dorm room with actor Ving Rhames. Rhames later transferred to Juilliard, the same school where Robin Williams and late Christopher Reeve attended.

New York State assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (right) was a college roommate with King of Queens actor Victor Williams while studying at Suny Binghamton University in New York. They both started of as Political Science major, but Victor later switched his major to theater and minored in Poli-Sci...

Well it has been documented countless of time how Facebook was founded in the Harvard dorm room by college roommates Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Although only Hughes graduated.

Just when we thought we knew everything about Mark Zuckerberg's early college life from the "Social Network" movie, we were surprised to find out this summer that Zuckerberg had another roommate as a freshman at Harvard. Samyr Laine who roomed with Zuckerberg as a freshman graduated from Harvard and recently represented his parent's home country of Haiti in the triple jump category in the recently completed 2012 London Olympics. After competing in the Olympics, Laine is set to become a lawyer in New York.



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