The Importance of Touring Your Campus Dorm Room Before Move-in Date

By now, I am sure many of you have done a fair share of campus tours even before you began applying for college. But as you prepare to att...

By now, I am sure many of you have done a fair share of campus tours even before you began applying for college. But as you prepare to attend your first college welcome orientation and campus tour, you (new students) should bear in mind that besides giving you the opportunity to register for your first college classes, part of the welcome orientation is for you to get acclimated with your new campus environment.

So, as you attend your welcome orientation and campus tour if you have not already done so over the summer break, make sure you have a good working camera with you. If your cell phone does the work, that's absolutely fine. During the tour, you should insist that the tour guide show you the dorm rooms to give you an idea of what your next dwelling will look like. Do not pass on this opportunity to see your dorm room by going to hangout with your high school friend(s) or roaming around other parts of the college campus. There will be a lot of time to play around with your friends once school officially starts.

If possible, insist that the tour guide show you the actual dorm and not just the model dorm. Most dormitory tours will only show you the model dorm room especially if their are still other students currently living in the dorms. The reason is, most model dorms are very different from the actual dorm rooms in that the model dorms are professionally designed by design professionals and the school can repaint the walls or do whatever they please to make the room look stunning; however, to the ordinary college student, these rights are taken away. But regardless of whether you tour the model dorm or your actual dorm room, make sure you take a lot of pictures of the room from different angles. This will be very important and helpful as you prepare to decorate your dorm room.

Just like in real life, interior designers take a tour of the home they will be designing to get inspiration and see what they will be working on. But in this case, you will be both the designer and owner. So taking good high resolution photographs during your tour will tremendously help you to keep your decoration in line with the colors of your dorm room.

For those of you attending out of state colleges and do not have the privilege of touring your campus until the move-in date, I suggest visiting your campus housing web page to view the housing plans of your dorm unit. 

Our next post will contain several resources to help you in your dorm design process.


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