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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2016 on Campus

In about two weeks or so, many Americans will be celebrating what is probably the biggest holiday in America.  Probably bigger than Christ...

7 Brilliant ideas to Decorate Your Dorm Room for Christmas

Nothing beats the spirit of Christmas. We know how dull the holidays can be when you’re away from home, family and friends. The fall semes...

Post Grad Life of Katie Slocum, Series 1

As part of our new Post Grad Life segment in which we feature interesting stories from new college graduates and professionals about life...

Colleges Attended by 2016 Presidential Candidates

Before they dominated the political airwaves this past summer, these presidential candidates were once like you, and while you may not agr...

5 Fall Fashion Trends for College Students

Congrats, you've made it halfway into this semester! The temperatures are starting to drop, but resist the urge to wear only sweatpa...

Dorm Design Ideas from IkeaStyle 101

Malia Obama Playing Beer Pong on a College Visit

It is looking more like President Obama's eldest daughter, Malia will fit right-in when she eventually starts college next year. Accordi...

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